The casual posture of Shiva in this painting tells us a very big thing about Him. It tells us that Shiva is not a God who wills everything from the blossoming of the smallest leaf on a tree to cosmic events like new stars being born or comets whizzing past in the high skies when their fuel of life is getting burnt out.

Yes, we have always been told that not even a leaf can move unless God wills it. This needs to be understood:

It is true that God’s power is sovereign over all of creation, therefore even a leaf would not move if God disallows it.

But here’s the thing :

God does not disallow things on a daily or hourly basis, in fact He is more about allowing us to use our own mind and heart for our actions, He allows us to make our choices. Isn’t that mostly what this life is about, making choices?

So then what is God’s role?

He is ‘Sakshi’ , a witness.There are two people in this world who always know what you do or even think: You yourself, and God.

God is the silent witness of all your life. Therefore He knows it as well as you. If you have been of good intent in your heart, God is one friend who will always know. And it is time to make Him ‘Saarthi’ the guide, from the ‘Sakshi’, just like Arjuna and Krishna, so that when the time does come for Shiva to act, you are already travelling on the road He has set as the Pathfinder.

Aum Namah Shivaye.
( Shail Gulhati is a Jammu based Shaivte author )