He is the One who existed even before the world began.
He is the One who has been prayed to, even when He was unseen.
And ever since the very first time He chose to make His presence known, Shiva has been loved by millions.
Shiva is a storyteller’s delight. But because Shiva is hugely paradoxical, it comes as no surprise that, much
as He is loved by the masses, there have been times when He has actually been maligned in some circles.
This may simply be because of ignorance – a lack of knowing Shiva’s spirituality. Like what happened in Daksha’s time. Ignorance is not always bliss; igno- rance mostly leads to a fear, which then makes up its own stories. But It became my call to write a book that gives equal emphasis to Shiva’s story and also reveals the fabulous mystic He has always been.
Shiva is Mahakaal, the Ultimate Time Traveller. As The Timeless One vouchsafed to us by the ancient tellings of the rishis, down to our grandmothers’ tales, He is the Pauranic Shiva: The Shiva from Kailash.
Shiva, the mountain Chieftain who lives happily with His beautiful Queen, Parvati, and the merry mountain men called ganas.
But He is also the Adhunik Shiva; the Omnipresent, who is always here, lurking in our own hearts, in the present, and thus the most modern at any time.
The central import of Shiva’s story, is that of love: God created this universe, simply to love and be loved.
The central import of Parvati’s life, is to be with Shiva, always. In so doing even through lifetimes, it is She, who establishes the Hindu belief in re-incarnation; for love it is, that can propel us to be re-born; to manifest ourselves just to be with the beloved, once again.
Lately, a lot of interest has been evinced in Shiva.
We have had dozens of books, TV serials, movie clips, comics ,and lots of pages and groups surfacing on social media, all dedicated to the enigma that is Mahadeva – The God amongst Gods. When I first set out to write on Shiva, I wanted to come out with some- thing that I myself would have enjoyed reading about Him! Everyone loves a good story, and reading so much from others about Shiva, I wanted to present His story the way that I ‘saw’ Him.
And that is what lead to my series of Shiva the ultimate time traveler. Available on Amazon : (SHAIL GULHATI is a Jammu based author)