So, somewhere the idea is to become a Universal citizen.
But the experience of life is that the ‘ Satchel never comes off our back’
When we are done with the Satchels and School bags and College kits , and land ourselves a job, the Office hands us a new bag, saying ” Here’s your laptop”
And then that bag becomes an extension of us ; And ironically, we are always in it’s lap.
And so it goes on, even after we are married, have kids, raise a family; there is always a bag of duties and expecta- tions, norms and procedures. And thus our idea of Universal transforms into everyone doing the same nine to five routine with their bags, for survival.
And there aren’t any exceptions, whether you are an office executive, doctor, teacher, lawyer, artist, sportsman or even a filmstar- you have your bag handed out to you by the world.
Shaivism understands this ‘Universal nine to five routine ‘ to be Karma mala and Mayayi mala. Something we have to do ( Karma ) in a particular way ( Maya). It is a role play but not the real actor Himself. And as time passes by, the actor forgets his real self and begins to think he is the role he is playing, and his world becomes a big stage where everyone is universally playing out their roles.And we get used to car- rying ” Baggage” all the time.
The Shaivite rishis were taught by Shiva in His Siva Sutras that the real understanding of Universal does not hap- pen by Karma and Maya,but by Dhyana and Samadhi: Universal is when your Atma reveals itself to you and you know without a doubt and for ever that you are a timeless part of God.
Aum Namah Shivaye.
is a Jammu based Shaivite author