The lessons with Shiva were endless. They had to be.
His talk was profound, but so was His silence. “You seem to be talking to me even when you are silent. Is it true or am I just too madly in love with you?”She asked. “Silence is a language only a few understand,” said Shiva. “Those special moments when silence speaks, when stillness gives wings,” He whispered.
Even His smile was profound. Everything about Him was the embodiment of wisdom. Sati noticed that there were traces of this wisdom even when He joked.
On another day, when She spotted Him doing His antics with the ganas, almost like children playing, wild and absolutely full of abandon, She wondered how He could be so versatile.
He had wisdom, knowledge, wit and humour.
At other times, He would become aloof for days on end, busy in some deep contemplation, and forget even to have His meals properly.Just when She thought She had known that part of Him, He would surprise Her by eating voraciously any meal that She had made with Her hands!
Truly,Her beloved husband was a divine collection of all attributes rolled into One.
From the amazon book SHIVA, The Ultimate Time Traveller, a modern re-telling of Shiva and Parvati’s story by SHAIL GULHATI, a Jammu based author.