We say Shiva is Mahadeva,the almighty God of Gods. We say Devi Parvati is His wife.
She is also Durga, She is also Kali. Then what do we say about this fascinating depiction of Kali stepping on Shiva? The most popular understanding is that Kali, was so fed up with the evil ways of the planet, that She decided to go on a rampage and end all life.Thereupon, some rishis approached Shiva and asked Him to intervene. When Shiva lay in Kali’s path, she accidentally stepped over Him- often in anger we do not see that we are over stepping. A second later She realised Her mistake and apolo- gised. All became well and the balance was restored.
This is an ancient tale, but those of us who are living in the present day, know that we are in the midst of Kalyuga, once again.
But these are indeed very interesting times. Out of a history of millions of years of Homo sapien exis- tence, in just the past hundred years we have seen the horrors of wars , Natural calamity, revolution, partition,pandemics, collapsing economies and what not. But we have also seen a meteoric rise in science and technology- we have actually connect- ed the whole planet like a global village, we have access to tons of information, we have prolonged human age through health care, we have even start- ed touring outer space. It is a fully loaded era with a 50:50 chance of transcendence or self destruction.
So the question is, will we make the Holy couple repeat this scene, or will we change course and let all of manifestation take a different turn? Meditate upon this.
is a Jammu based Shaivite author )