Aum Namah Shivaye!
Shiva is sometimes called Kaal Agni Rudra.
While there are many ritual as well as spiritual understandings of this, i would like to say that to me , Shiva in this roopam means: He, who can change the Kaal itself.
Shiva is timeless, he is the creator of Time itself. Now, time has been divided into Yugas by the wise sages, and each Yuga has its own traits, like Satyug was full of virtue and kalyug is full of greed.
I wonder, can God change the very Yuga itself? can God put the remnant of an age of destruction into destruction itself?
Can Shiva shorten the length of the time of evil and sorrow?
Can He, the Kaal agni Rudra take us all into a much more beautiful time and age? If so what is the role of the Shiv Bhakts, how should they fall in line with their Lord for this? what do you think?
is a Jammu based Shaivite author)