Simmba Review


Back to his favourite place GOA & the favourite of the Masses MR ROHIT SHETTY is back with a BANG , yes BANG BANG & this time he has SIMMBA to do this for him , a follower of SINGHAM who had a temper, आता माझी सतक्ली & he too has a similar temper , आता माजी पण सतक्ली which comes into action post interval.

It’s not that there is something that the audience has not seen but then this is the form of entertainment with message which makes the audience go crazy , clapping & whistling , an orphan SANGRAM BHALERAO rebellious in nature grows up to be a cop but a corrupt one till realisation comes , the movie be it pre or pro interval is a TOTAL TIME PASS, the scene where the senior constable enacted BRILLIANTLY by ASHUTOSH RANA finally salutes his senior SIMMBA is a delight to watch & also the planning & then the encounter of the two rapists done by SIMMBA in the police station is APPLAUDABLE, the title track & the background music to this lifts up the mood of the audience, already the remix of the superhit song from Tere mere sapne ” AANKH MAARE ” is on top of the charts & it’s picturisation is also EXCELLENT & the icing on the cake to this is the inclusion of ARSHAD WARSHI, TUSHAAR KAPOOR, SHREYAS TALPADE & KUNAAL KHEMU, the GOLMAAL GANG & also KARAN JOHAR.All the characters though in brief roles are justified be it SIDDARTH JADHAV or then the lead actress SARA ALI KHAN who definitely is the find of 2018, as the main villian once again SONU SOOD leaves a mark.

In the title role RANVIR SINGH is in full form & be it comedy, action or emotion he delivers with confidence & then we have in a GUEST APPERANCE AJAY DEVGAN in CLIMAX adding up to the ENTERTAINMENT , his end conversation with RANVIR SINGH is beautiful & touchy but then there’s more to it what with also AKSHAY KUMAR joining, in a cameo he is getting ready to strike in the coming year as SURYAVANSHI an officer on par with SINGHAM
for sure this SIMMBA is a BLOCKBUSTER & good for BOLLYWOOD that the year has not ended with a ZERO but with SIMMBA a HERO created by the HERO of the masses ROHIT SHETTY