SIA Kashmir conducts searches in connection with investigation of Terror Funding case

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir Police’s State Investigation Agency (SIA) on Tuesday carried out searches at multiple locations in case of militancy funding, officials said.

The searches were carried out at five “potential” locations in districts of Srinagar, Baramulla and Kupwara under legal provisions of criminal procedure code.

Officials said no arrests were made during the searches.

“Investigation of the case is going on,” they said.

The officials said the searches were carried in connection with an under investigation case with SIA Kashmir to unearth the logistic and funding support channels of terrorism, emanating from Pakistan and its ISI network.

“Since the conspiracy is deep rooted and has multiple ramifications hence covers a wide range of subjects and locations to be scanned and analysed. Current searches have been an essential aspect of the investigation to collect relevant and vital evidence for the logical conclusion of the case,” they said.