Shivsena Protest Against Anti Indian Slogans Raised In Jammu


Shiv Sena Bala Sahib Thackeray Jammu unit has strongly condemned the incident of anti India slogans raised by some Kashmiri people and demanded the immediate suspension of police personnel who used force against the students of Science college.

On the directions of state president Dimpy kohli & General Secretary Manish Sahni protested along with hundreds of Shiv sainiks against the state police for the cowardice act of using Latin charge against innocent students who tried to opposed the act of raising anti Indian slogans by some Kashmiris.

Sahni further said this is agenda of anti national forces to spoil the peaceful situation of Jammu.

Sahni urged the Honorable Governor to do the justice in this matter as soon as possible otherwise Jammuites will come on roads and there will be a agitation against this injustice.