Sant Dinesh Bharti takes part in Bhoomi Pujan of Narsingh Seva Kendra at Khoon

UDHAMPUR: Bhoomi Poojan ceremony for the establishment of Narsingh Seva Kendra in Khoon village of Majalta tehsil of Udhampur district was performed. The process of Bhoomi Pujan ceremony was completed with Vedic chanting, Havan and Yagya in the presence of Sant Dinesh Bharti, Narsingh Seva Kendra President Vikram Gujral, other members of Narsingh Seva Kendra and local prominent people.

The prestigious project of Narsingh Seva Kendra is being established on more than 100 Kanals of land in village Khoon of Majalta Tehsil, Dhar Road, District Udhampur. This will be the first project of its kind in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, in which three types of works will be run parallel. These include Gau Samvardhan Kendra, Farmers Training Center and Yoga and Naturopathy Center.

Sant Dinesh Bharti, in his address on the occasion, praised the decision of Narsingh Seva Kendra to set up the project of Indian indigenous cows in Khoon village and said that the potential of Indian cows in Jammu  Kashmir is immense and explained that it needs to be understood. We know the importance of cows in many aspects including milk production, manure production and various medicinal uses.

Sant Dinesh Bharti further  said that this is a traditional wealth which can naturally lead us towards all round prosperity. Therefore setting up of this big project  by Narsingh Seva Kendra is really a unique initiative for the shelter of cows and protection of indigenous cows. He said that Panch Gavya (milk, curd, ghee, cow dung and cow urine) is used for cleanliness and purity.

On this occasion Dharampal Singla  in his address elobrated  that Vatsalya Ras is made from ‘Vats’. The calf of a cow is called Vatsa. That is why the son is also called Vatsa. Gou Vats is considered as the form of religion. ‘Vrishabhodharma Roop’ comes in the greatness of Sarvshastramayi Gita Sarvvedmayi Gita that all the Upanishads are cows and the one who milks those cows is Lord Krishna

Ramneek Sehgal, highlighting the specialty of Narsingh Seva Kendra’s Khoon project, said that indigenous cows of Indian breed will be reared in the Gaushala and such arrangements will be made that better indigenous breeds of cows can be available to the neighbouring  villagers. He said that along with conservation of indigenous cows, arrangement for sale of cow’s milk available by the farmers and manufacturing of Panchgavya  items will also be done in this project.

Ramneek Sehgal said that apart from this, a farmers training center will be set up under the project, in which farmers will be trained on how to get economic benefits from organic farming according to the Indian method with less land. In this, the main focal point will be organic farming and its products.

He said that the third major center in this project will be of Yoga and Naturopathy. In this center, people will be given yoga training and training in natural way of medicine by yoga teachers. Camps related to Yoga and Naturopathy will also be organized from time to time by this center established in the project.

Project President Vikram Gujral, General Secretary Chain Singh, Treasurer Naresh Gupta, Akhil Wazir, Vikram Gupta etc were present on this occasion. The stage was compared by Baldev Singh. Shrine Board member Kulbhushan Ahuja, Prant Sangh Chalak Dr. Gautam Mengi, MP Jugal Kishore  were also present on the stage.