While saluting our valiant soldiers on the Armed Forces Flag Day today, the Indians reiterated their commitment to protect the nation from all external as well as internal forces with an urge on the part of civil- ians too to act as soldiers of the world’s largest democra- cy which is currently faced with a piquant situation espe- cially in view of the continuous misadventures by the scoundrel neighbours Pakistan and China. To celebrate the day, all three branches of the Indian armed forces i.e. the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Indian Navy will organize a variety of shows, carnivals, dramas and other entertainment programmes to showcase before the general public the efforts of their personnel to ensure national security. While this time these functions were held amid complex restrictions during the past two pandemic years, the situation this year is quite different and the cel- ebration is going to be in full mode with significant part of the event being salutation to the brave forces personnel who sacrificed their lives to protect our country and the people living in it. It is pertinent to mention here that Armed Forces personnel played equally important role just like other freedom fighters in instilling democratization in India and even after Independence they have been playing their role marvellously to ensure par excellence harmonious relations with all the vital pillars of the Indian democracy.
Fighting adversities on borders be it Sino Indian war, wars with Pakistan both conventional as well as proxy ones through insurgency, they are marvellously shouldering the peace time responsibilities or coming to the rescue of the people in distress at the time of natural calamities. In fact there is hardly any field where defence forces have not left an indelible mark earning the slot among the World’s best professional Armed Forces. Though the Armed Forces work with true dedication and spirit of the motto ‘Fight to Win’ yet this win is not confined to the win in warfare only but more than that it is winning over the hearts of the peo- ple especially of those not adequately addressed to by the Civil administration due to various factors because of liv- ing in far flung areas with difficult geographical terrains. In this context Army’s Operation Sadhbhavana is a unique project adopted by the Indian Army to improve the living conditions of the neglected lot in inaccessible and border areas. Not only this, the men from the Indian Army form a substantial part of the Peace Keeping forces under the UN banner in different areas across the globe ravaged by civil wars and violence. Therefore with the defence forces re- dedicating to become a part of the ‘War Winning ‘ as well as ‘Heart Winning’ teams of the nation by paying homage to the martyred soldiers, it is high time that every civilian of this nation salutes the armed forces for serving the nation and its people with full dedication and sincerity. At the same time it is high time that the country’s vital pillar the Executive makes every endeavour to address the woes of the members of this jugular vein of the nation to whom we owe our very existence in the present day world infested with wars and of course the Dracula of terrorism. Realizing that our biggest strength is our armed forces personnel let’s all reiterate our resolve to address the issues pertain- ing to them as well as their families on topmost priority thus ensuring that they maintain their identity as the most professional force in the world for all times to come.