Rose Day Special | Different Roses And Their Meaning


It’s February, which means it is the beginning of ‘Love-ria’ syndromes. Lovebirds cherrish each and every moment they spend with their partners. they sail on the voyage of seeking love. Love has no language, its the warm presence of your loved one which makes it memorable.

Rose day is marked as the beginning of the love week. Roses are the celebration of love. Rose is the only kind by which people can pour their hearts out with their feelings.It is a silent “I love you” without uttering a word. Let the roses do the talking for you.

This Rose Day find out, what rose colour represents what

Red Rose: It is the rose that defines love for someone special. When words fail you, say it with a red rose.

Pink Rose: It is the rose to express your admiration and appreciation for a particular person

White Rose: Its the mark of a new beginning, purity and peace. Give your parents white rose and thank them for this beautiful life.

Yellow Rose: It is the cynic symbol for friendship. If your heartthrobs for your best Amigos, you can pour your feelings by showering yellow roses on them.

Orange Rose: It is for passion and enthusiasm.