Role Of Parents In Reducing Child Stress


With so much competition going on these day in Education system, students are stuck with immense mental pressure. The stress which they are going through is not only the mental stress but it’s the stress from the outside world that make students get bewildered. Because of this pressure many students commit suicide each year, especially after the declaration of Board exam results. Role of a parent during this phase is very important. Parents should handle the situation very calmly which will help to ease the stress levels of your child.

Parents should give more time and attention to their child: Personal attention of parents is most important during exams. Parents should spend time with the child and keep asking them about their studies. This raises confidence in the child and increases interest.

Parents should encourage their children: Children should be motivated to perform well in their studies. Parent should not scold their child if the child is not perform well in studies. Similarly,appreciation is must if the child does well. Constant support and encouragement keeps the child positive and motivate to put more efforts.

Take care of Diet: Parents should monitor whether the child is taking proper meals.Diet should be simple and easily digestible. Junk food should be avoided as they slow down the digestive system and cause other associated problems. Balanced diet should be followed.

Parents should talk to their children about their weaknesses and problems: Parents should be fully aware about the strengths and weaknesses of their child. They should participate actively in helping the child to overcome the problems.

Parents should take care of the study schedule and daily routine of the child: It is important to stick to the systematic routine and focus on all the subjects. Parents must ensure that whether the child is taking breaks inbetween and sleeping properly

Keep in mind that every child is not same they have their own excellence level and style of learning and while we as parents would expect the best outcome from our child, we should not force them cause they have their limitations. It is therefore important that you help your child in need and be a supportive parent.