Ritika Trehan celebrates Diwali with inmates of Bal Niketan

JAMMU : BJP Mahila Morcha J&KUT Spokesperson Ritika Trehan and Social media incharge Archana Koushal celebrated Diwali with inmates of Bal Niketan and the weaker sections of soci- ety.
They visited the Bal Niketan and distributed crackers, sweets and gifts among the inmates, thereby bringing a smile on inno- cent faces.. Ritika interact- ed with children, enquired about facilities.
She said while celebrat- ing festivals, we must remember the poor and needy and share joy with
them. “While we celebrate Diwali with much fanfare, we must also remember those living in orphanages and old-age homes who are unable to celebrate the fes- tival for lack of resources, if we are able to bring a smile on their face, then I think our celebrations are doubled”, she said.
Speaking on the occa- sion, Ritika asked con- cerned departments to ensure the inmates of Bal Niketan were provided ade- quate facilities. She high- lighted the need for the children to explore avenues to keep them engaged in productive activities. “Diwali is all about giving,
sharing, and spreading hap- piness.
On this auspicious day, everyone tries to do their best to make their loved ones happier. Normally, the poor and destitute do not have a chance to celebrate the festival. Celebrating it with destitute and orphans will be a great humanitarian gesture,” said Ritika. “Everyone can share some joy during the festive season. It also gives the underprivileged some hope and respite from their monotonous lives, said Ritika. “I am extremely happy to celebrate my Diwali with these children ,” added Ritika.