The Republic Day has great importance in the democratic history of the independent India and it is celebrated with much enthusiasm and fanfare across the country. It is the day when our founding fathers of the constitution gave the citizens of India its own constitution and to be more specif- ic on 26th January 1950 the coun- try adopted the constitution and this sacred document came into effect and force from this date and so the republic day is celebrated every year on 26th January. On this occasion the head of our state- president unfurls the national flag and salutes it and inspects the parade at red fort Delhi. A mar- velous and magnificent spectacle in the parade is there to see and it is soothing to the eye and the army, BSF, CRPF, ITBP, ISF, State police forces, NCC Cadets and school children take part in the parade and give salute to the national flag.
The cultural programmes are also organized on this day which adds beauty to the republic day.
The tableaus of different states are a part of the celebration and these represent the diverse culture of the Indian states and some Jankis also depict the development scenario of the state concerned. This year also
a tableau from Jammu and Kashmir UT will adore the republic day function besides the Jankis from other states. In the history of the country 26th January is most significant because it was on this day that the constitution was adopted and came into force. This year the country is celebrating 74th republic day. Three hundred and eight members of the constituent assembly had played their role in framing the constitu- tion. Every citizen every year celebrates 26th January with great fer- vor and joy as republic day throughout the country. On this occasion a magnificent parade is every year is performed from India gate to Rashtripathi Bhawan on Rajpath which has now been rechristened as Kartyawya Path in consonance with obliterating the symbols of foreign slavery by the ruling BJP. On this special occa- sion every year from India gate to Rashtripathi Bhawan a magnificent parade is performed. In this parade Indian army, air force, navy etc sep- arate regiments take part and give magnificence to the republic day. A question may crop up in your mind as to why 26th January is selected for observing and celebrating the
republic day and why not some other day? Behind this is the inter- esting history. Do you know that before freedom of the country the Independence Day was celebrated not on 15th August but on some other day?
On 26th January 1950 constitu- tion of independent India came into
force and effect. After the freedom of the country on 26th November 1949, constitution was applied. On 26th January 1950 the constitution was formally adopted by the demo- cratic government. On this day India was declared a full republic.
The main reason of adopting the constitution on 26th January was that in 1930 on the same day the Indian national congress has declared full freedom for the coun- try from the British. In 1929 under
the presidentship of J.L. Nehru through Indian national congress a meeting was organized. In the meeting with common consensus it was declared British government should give a dominion status to India before 30 January 1930.On this day for the first time Independence Day was celebrated.
Up to 15th August 1947 the day when India got freedom, 26th January used to be celebrated as the Independence Day.
For giving importance to 26th January 1930 for declaring complete free- dom,26th January 1950 was selected as the day to enforce the constitu- tion and 26th January declared as the republic day.
The constitution which is the supreme document of the country and under which the country and the three wings of the government and the fourth estate work has been drafted by Bharat Rattan Dr.
B.R. Ambedkar who is considered as the architect of the constitution.
With some reforms and amend- ments the constituent assemblies’ 308members signed two copies of handwritten constitution on 24th January and it was adopted and came into effect two day later on 26th January 1950 throughout
India. For keeping the importance to 26thJanuary alive on the same day the republic and democratic identification was given to India.
After adoption of the constitution, the British law -Government of India Act 1935 was transformed and changed into Indian adminis- trative document. These are the reasons that we Indians celebrate 26th January as republic day every year. India has become a republic on 26th January 1950 at 10-18 am and after six minutes at 10am Dr Rajinder Prasad has taken oath as the first president of India. On this day we Indians unfurl national flag and sing national anthem and per- form various programmes. The republic day programme starts generally on 24th January with the declaration of the names of the children who have earned the national bravery award. But this year the republic day has com- menced on 23rd of January with the birth anniversary of Subash Chandar Bose. On the evening of 25th January the president of the country addresses the people through electronic media and gives the people greetings of republic day and also throws light on the importance of the day. On 26th January the main programme of the republic day is celebrated.