People Like Jitender Singh Come To Power By Lying: Farooq Abhdulla


Farooq Abhdulla today made a statement against PMO Jitender Singh questioning him over his work by saying “What has Jitendra Singh got? What minister is he? What work has he done? Holding a ministerial post and talking is a different matter but he should also have something to show. Tell me when did I say ‘we are not Indians’?”

Speaking to agencies Farooq said, “Aise log hain Pakistani, ye Jitendra Singh jaise, Farooq Abdullah nahi hai. Such people have come to power by lying.”

Earlier today PMO Jitender Singh has said that it has been tendency of Kashmir-based politicians that they call Kashmir an integral part of India when in power & raise questions on identity of Kashmir begin seeing positivities in Pakistan & their govt when out of power.

He said that it is not just one party, PDP, National Conference has shown the same character. When Farooq Abdullah was the CM he used to complain to the centre that why are the terror camps in PoK not bombed? We all know what he is saying now when he is not in power.