Parent Teacher Meeting held at GDC Ghagwal


An interactive session between the parents, principal and the college faculty was conducted today in the college premises.
The principal of the college, Dr. Sujata Slathia, took a great initiative in conducting a parent teacher meeting in the college premises today. The parents of the students of semester fourth were invited under the Nasha Mukti Abhiyaan. Dr. Slathia on the occasion attended to the cause and informed the parents that several students nowadays are coming under the grip of drugs. She appraised the parents that they should keep a keen eye on the behaviour of their child and be extra vigilant about their changing behaviour. The faculty also participated in a healthy discussion about the issues pertaining to drug addiction. The parents shared their views and informed them that they would be cautious and inform the teachers if they see or even notice any reluctance or change in their ward’s personality. They were communicated about certain aspects that they can look out for in their ward’s personality to notice some differences between the older times and the times now.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sujata thanked them for attending the meeting and playing an active role in their child’s holistic development. She also told them that running this institution smoothly is the responsibility of both the sides. She said that no single person is responsible for honing the psychology of a child but it is a collective effort.
Present in the chamber were Dr. Vani Awasthi, Nodal Officer NCORD, and faculty-Dr. Rajni Bala, Dr. Deepika Sharma, Dr. Sushma Gupta and Ms. Dheeraj Bhagat.