Paradise On Earth?


With the Lok Sabha elections round the corner, some politicians in this state are leaving no opportunity to create a wave of hatred against communities just to appease their vote banks. While the Valley continues to be tense it is really a matter of great satisfaction that Jammu and Ladakh regions are quite peaceful for which the people of these regions deserve full appreciation.

However, the members of the exiled community who are craving to return to their homes with dignity and honour, continue to be engulfed in uncertainty due to tense and hostile situation in the valley. Ever since the mass exodus of the miniscule community from the valley, for those who opted to stay back or returned back to valley in the recent years whether under PM’s employment package or other-wise, the situation is undoubtedly back to square one. The immediate fall out of this situation is indeed going to be once again on the miniscule community which exists in the Valley on a scale of just finger counts now.

It would be no surprise if those Kashmiri Pandits still in the valley might be mulling to migrate yet again due tosense of insecurity created by the irresponsible statements of some canny politicians. This should be a matter of utmost concern not only for the community members but for the Central as well as the State government. There is every reason to believe that in view of the happenings during the past some time there is a great challenge to the communal harmony and integration in the valley.

Today there should not be any room for intolerance in the Valley for which not only the separatists and fundamentalists but even mainstream parties are equally responsible having allowed the converting of the heaven on earth into a virtual hell beinghaven for the separatists, terrorists and the fundamentalists today.

J&K that had been a model state so far as the secular credentials of India are concerned hasbeen unfortunately pushed into a situation where no single community is going to gain anything except miseries irrespective of being in majority or minority. History bears testimony to the fact that the devil of intolerance has ultimately devoured its producers as well as promoters and this stark reality needs to be realized at the earliest by the people of this state. It can be without a second thought said that today the state is passing though a real testing time and there is a dire need to leave no stone unturned in foiling the nefarious designs of the fundamentalists and separatists sponsored from across the border. Though the Government cannot dodge its role to deal with the situation yet it is the civil population particularly from the majority community that can play the most significant role to restore peace. It is hoped that one and all in the civil society initiate instant steps to address the problem at individual levels with full support of the incumbent government headed by the Governor SP Malik so that people irrespective of their religious or regional affiliations can live without any fret or fear. Let everyone endeavour to restore the pristine glory of the Paradise on Earth for which it was known till the yesteryears.