Panun demands political division of Kashmir into two UTs, one for rehab of Hindus

Jammu, Stating that the testimonies of desperation by Hindus living in Kashmir only meet the deaf ears of the government, Panun Kashmir- a Kasmiri Hindu organisation on Thursday demanded political division of Kashmir into two Union Territories comprising one for rehabilitation of Hindus.

“We demand political division of Kashmir into two Union Territories, one being Panun Kashmir for rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir,and creation of a separate Jammu state is a strategic imperative if Jihadi war has to be permanently defeated,” Panun Kashmir Chairman Dr. Ajay Chrungoo here told reporters at a press conference.

He alleged that the spectre of abject destitution and deprivation of the family of Sanjay Sharma, the Kashmiri Hindu security guard, killed by terrorists in Kashmir recently brings out clearly the policy of ‘Use, Abandon and Dump’ pursued by the Centre and Lieutenant Governor for Hindus of Kashmir.

Panun Kashmir he said has no hesitation in saying that ruthless and relentless pursuit of denial of genocidal destruction of Hindus of Kashmir by Government of India has made it extremely insensitive and blind to the survival needs of Hindus living in Kashmir.

“How comical and appalling it is that while the destructive process of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir is on with impunity, the Government of India makes gestures of bravado of opening of pilgrimage route to Sharda shrine,” said Dr Chrungoo stating that which Hindu will not welcome visiting the destroyed temple of Shardha in Pak Occupied Kashmir.

Kashmir cannot be salvaged, he lamented.

“Didn’t our Home Minister cancel his visit to meet families of Hindu victims of Dangri massacre in Rajouri, Jammu on the very weak grounds of weather disturbances?,” he alleged.

He said that the Panun Kashmir demands of Government of India to recognise demographic destruction of Hindus in Kashmir as well as Jammu as the prime objective of Islamist separatism, to evolve policies to fight and defeat the campaign of Hindu genocide in Jammu and Kashmir, to stop circumventing the real challenges in Jammu and Kashmir and realise that political jargon weaved around developing separatist dominated areas had failed in the past and have no chance to succeed now and immediately start dialogue on the issues of further reorganising Jammu and Kashmir.