One Self Lives In All Creatures


There is just one I—self, present in all beings. It may be a cat, a dog, a lion, a tree, a fish, a river, a mountain, aman, a woman or a baby. In every being—animate and inanimate—it is this self that is present.

However, it is seen as one or many just as the moon reflected in water breaks to become many when the watershakes with ripples.This is a unique example to explain the one self in all, which is truly beyond the ken of any description.The moon is just one. However, if it is reflected in the water of many paddy fields demarcated with mud boundaries, it seems like as if each square field has a moon in it.

In the same way, the self, which is one knower only, expresses through each individual, animal, plant or object differently.The logic of this verse is explained by modern day sciencetoo. Everything in this world can be reduced to cells or atoms.They in turn are composed of protons, neutrons, electrons,sub-atomic particles and quarks, revolving in their tiny spaces around an invisible field. While the content is the same, when they condense into different frequencies of vibration, they manifest as land, water, fire, air, space and the numerous objects and living beings that go to make them.

When the Upanishads repeatedly assert that it is the oneself that is in all, it just means that the observer of the tiniest particle and the biggest of universes in all of us are one and the same.The different creations express the observer differently and hence a mountain cannot express the way a river does.The river cannot express the way an animal, bird ortree does and these beings do not function the way a human acts. The substance in all is just this one existence.

In everyday life, when differences of opinions, feelings and achievements in action bog me down, it gives me strength to meditate upon this verse in the Amrita Bindu Upanishad, which says that there is just one self in all.

Meditating on unity gives us the strength to function in this world of diversity and differences.

Even observing throughout the day, all the people I come across, using the word I to refer to themselves can take my mind to this expanded state of awareness.

Next time, I see the sun or moon reflected differently in mirrors, water bodies or simply buckets, pots and pans of water, my mind will be taken to my own self which is the consciousness that expresses through all beings in this universe