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Let us reflect upon the pur- pose of life. There are two classes of life, the top creamy crust of the society con- stitutes the gentlemen of the intelligentsia as they are the enlightened sages and saints who educate the masses, dispel ignorance and enable us to bask in the sunshine of knowledge.
The renowned inventors, sci- entists, musicians, painters, architects and artists. The great men devoted their whole time to the service of humanity, wiped our tears, applied balm to our soaring hearts, our pains given relief and respite to tension rid- den society.
The common gentry constitute the bulk of the society. They are always led by physical needs like sleep, eat, thirst, hunger and integrate themselves in miscon-
ducts and seek pleasures in vio- lence and use of intoxicants, fail to distinguish between good and bad, fail to use their divine gifts of Intelligence, discretion and rationality sensibly. They disturb the social order brutally and bit- terly. They are always callous and cleaner, cunning and crooked.
Mankind shall ever remain indebted to those who con- tributed their best in different walks of life for the society. They gifted us with discoveries and inventions of priceless values to make us comfortable impede or tears, applied balm to our soar- ing hearts with life saving medi- cines, dispel ignorance, enlight- ened us with sunshine of knowl- edge and noble thoughts/ideas, provided aeroplane to fly in air- ships to glide in the oceans, means of transportation to con- quer both space and time, pro-
vided us telephone to talk,invent- ed electricity to do miracles, X- Ray machines to diagnose the diseases to facilitate painless surgery to increase longibility of life and machines to develop Modern architecture, building and skyscrapers.
Like Grambell for gifting the Telephone, Benjamin Franklin for electricity, Wright Brothers for aeroplane,Thomas Addison for incandescent bulb, Renton for X- Ray machine and many more pure souls of similar nature. In their pursuit for excellence to the service of mankind, these great souls have lost their physical comforts, suffered losses and remained firm in their commit- ments.
The scriber is a follower of the inventors and discovers whose sacrifices are countless and we never pay back because it is pre- cious.