Multiculturalism which seems to be an amazing con- cept for people in other countries is deeply embed- ded in the Indian civilization. In fact India is known for having promoted and nurtured multiculturalism for cen- turies thus having become epitome of ‘Unity in Diversity’.
However, this concept gets endangered when one or more groups start thinking in narrow terms like considering them- selves as superiors to others or adopting discrimination or animosity towards other groups on the basis of racial, reli- gious, linguistic or other factors. Unfortunately a meticulous analysis of the prevailing trend across the nation reveals an alarming shift in the people’s mindset whereby undue impor- tance is being given to religion and if the same trend contin- ues it will undoubtedly devour Nationalism as well as Patriotism which are essential for the survival of a nation.
The present generation seems to have forgotten the fact they are citizens of the nation which gave them birth and continues to sustain and protect them throughout their life and that it is identified by harmonious multiculturalism across the globe. Today people need to realize that nation- al feelings and affiliation have always to be topmost priority and that narrow thinking regarding religion, community, lan- guage, region etc. need to take the backstage. We must realize that when we are comfortably living without any fear, there are lakhs of soldiers patrolling our borders fighting the enemies including terrorists amid extreme climatic condi- tions and even sacrificing their lives to keep us safe. These thoughts are sufficient enough to make us accord patriotism and loyalty to the nation the first priority as this would be the best guarantee for safeguarding and sustaining multicultur- alism which is a jewel in India’s crown. The nation’s multi- cultural society is an amazing concept for the people across the globe when they know that here people speak about 125 major languages and 1600 other languages. Moving in the direction towards safeguarding multiculturalism even the Indian Constitution provides for equal rights, privileges and duties to the people irrespective of gender, caste, class, community, language and religion. It has ensured that mar- ginalized sections of the country are provided sufficient pro- tection and special privileges like reservation in education as well as employment. In addition to these reservations minority religious sections enjoy special rights in our coun- try so much so that while vouching for a Uniform Civil Code the government ensures that each religion and its customs are protected in the society. Since the nation is confronted with the forces working 24X7 to create wedge between com- munities therefore the biggest challenge before us is to pre- serve the pluralistic tradition. For this the sane elements in every community will have to make the members of such communities aware about the beauty and essence of the spirit of multiculturalism and the dire need to promote and preserve this rich ethos of the Indian civilization. Let us all realize that not only the nation but in fact the whole world is one family in which both individually and collectively we need to display harmony. After all with the world having been reduced to a global village, multiculturalism has to be the ultimate goal of every nation as well as the globe. So let us endeavour to safeguard and enhance the multicultural harmony that is our identity and is going to be the way of life for societies across the world in future.