Nehru’s mistakes responsible for creation of PoJK, Kashmir imbroglio: Kavinder

Pays obeisance at Bawa Lal ji Temple, Dhianpur

JAMMU : Hitting out hard against the Congress Party, Kavinder Gupta, senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister on Thursday said that the mistakes made by Pt Jawaharlal Nehru were responsible for the creation of Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoJK), and the mayhem in Kashmir.
In a statement issued to media per- sons, the BJP stalwart said that if the first Home Minister of the country Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had handled the Kashmir at that time things would have been different today because by declaring untimely ceasefire then, Nehru had committed a big blunder giving parts of undivided J&K to the rogue country Pakistan. “This gaffe by the first Prime Minister of the country is unpardon- able because the entire nation is feel- ing the heat of this mistake commit- ted out of false ego and boorish atti- tude”, Kavinder said, adding that BJP Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is undoing the mis- takes of Congress party and very soon the blunders done by the Nehru and his coterie would be rectified and the things which had been gone hay- wire will be set right as already much has been achieved and J&K is now moving towards development, peace and progress.
The former Deputy Chief Minister made an appeal to the electorate of J&K to continue to support BJP for
restoring lasting peace and prosperity because it is the only political outfit which has a vision and mission to bail out Kashmir from the turmoil as all other parties have been tested by the people and were proved to be failure as their leadership is dynastic and never cared for the welfare of common man.
Meanwhile, Kavinder Gupta along with his wife visited Bawa Lal ji Temple, Dhianpur in district Gurdaspur, Punjab on the occasion of Bhai Dhooj festival. They performed Pooja of Baba Lalji and prayed for peace and prosperity of J&K Union Territory.
Kavinder said that it is due to the blessing of saints that our earth is
surviving despite having reached nearly a never to return situation a number of times. Highlighting the role of saints during times immemorial, he said that the saints have played a significant role in preserving the rich cultural heritage of India through their sig- nificant teachings and actions (Karma). “Our saints and seers are very noble and have always been compas- sionate towards society and the poor.
Even today we find living legend saints who continue contributing in campaigns to build toilets, provide electricity in remote areas where the standard of living of the people is abysmal,” he said.