Despite democracy considered as the best system of governance in the world today providing scope for maximum freedom to every individual in the social and political set up of the nations, the democratic vibrance of the World’s largest democracy India seems to be under serious threat today especially in view of the enemies being facilitated by none other than our own people. As such the present scenario across the nation compels us to conduct a thorough introspection as to where our democratic set up has failed that resulted in our own people joining the enemy. The situation is all the more serious in view of some disgruntled elements betraying the nation by becoming part of the espionage at the behest of the enemies. Even the stance of the oppo- sition political parties has been dubious with no visible dif- ference in the statements issued by them and those ema- nating from Pakistan. Presently this is the greatest prob- lem faced by the nation as it endangers the very exis- tence of the nation. Since long we have been easily put- ting the blame on Pakistan, its Army, ISI and the terror organizations but it is a stark reality that we are ourselves to blame because the democratic philosophy and princi- ples stand interpreted by the politicians to suit their own vested interests. The prima facie analysis of various developments and consequent failures has always point- ed to lack of coordination amongst the various agencies that leads to suicidal delays. Institutions are the founda- tion of a democratic set up in every democratic country and the same applies to the largest democracy of the world India. The basic strength of a democracy is the strength and vibrance of its institutions which not only includes institutions of state but those within political par- ties as well besides at every other level of the society with perfect coordination between all the macro and micro institutions ensuring success of democracy. India is still struggling amidst challenges posed by both internal as well as external forces with circumstances being created by the vested interests to destabilize the nation. In such a situation there is a dire need to correct aberrations of gov- ernance having dangerous impact on the democratic sys- tem without any further delay. In view of the new chal- lenges emerging with the changing regional, national and international level our democracy there is apprehension of its fragility to novel challenges getting compounded by emerging manifestations that threaten the stability of the nation. These new challenges underline the dire need to analyse the experiences and approaches to date and then address the vital issue of strengthening our basic institutions as has been done in case of defence services.
Today first and foremost there is a need to formulate new code of conduct for the political parties and politicians so that there is no scope for issuing statements that are true copy of the utterances made by the enemies of the nation especially those emanating from the rogue state Pakistan and China. This alone would fully safeguard the nation against the enemies working against it from within.