Need Contributions From Citizens To Make Clean And Green: JMC Mayor


Mayor Chander Mohan Sharma visited Ward 64 today to take first hand appraisal of grievances of people on the area.

Corporator, Ward 64 Kapil Chib along with Ward President Ajay Sharma, Deep Sharma,Swdeshi, Amar Chib,Surjeet Manhas,Inderjeet Singh,Makhan Lal , Surinder Chib, Siddhi Bhagat ,Ex Corporator Subash Bhagat were also present on the occasion.

Mayor visited various lanes and drains in the area and also visited Shamshan Ghat which needs urgent development and assured that all the genuine works in the Ward will be taken up on priority.

There is great need for all of us, living in Jammu city to strive for making this city the most beautiful clean and green location, where one can live with pride and honour. Getting rid of filth, garbage, polythene, stray dogs and beggars should be a collective responsibility as otherwise the idea of smart, clean and green Jammu will always remain a distant dream.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayor said that every person living in this city must follow the footsteps of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and become a dedicated protagonist of Swach Bharat Abhiyan to ensure that the dream of clean Jammu- green Jammu does not remain merely a slogan rather it becomes a reality.

We must learn to keep our houses, our streets and bazaars, offices and institutions neat and tidy.

Educational institutions have to play an important role. Teachers have to imbibe habits of cleanliness among their students. Religious preacher’s can play a major role by asking their followers to keep the environment clean, he added.

Unless the citizens feel the importance of neat and clean environment, all other steps shall prove to be exercise in futility. Let us rise and wake up to attain the noble goal. Let us start just today from our own home so that we can be proud of being a citizen of clean and green Jammu