National Crime Record Bureau’s ADSI Report 2021

Sudden spurt in suicides among students raise alarm bells


JAMMU : Despite a number of initiatives being taken at the National and State/UT level to lessen stress among the students appearing in the examination, the latest statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) Report titled Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India (ADSI) 2021 about number of student suicides across the country including the J&K UT has raised alarm bells.

However, the rate of suicides among the school going students is higher than those studying in the higher education institutes in universities and colleges which is a real cause of concern for all the stakeholders.  Over 13000 students took their own lives in India last year, the latest statistics according to NCRB Report.

As far as suicides among the youth with no education in J&K UT is concerned, a total of 43 suicides were committed in 2021 including 20 by males and 23 by females.  At Primary Primary Level (up to class 5th), A total of 20 suicides were committed by students in J&K which included 14 male and 6 females.

At Middle level (upto class-8th), a total of 47 suicides were committed including 25 male and 22 female students. At Matriculate/Secondary Level (up to class 10th), as many as 53 suicides were committed by the students in J&K in 2021 including 30 male and 23 female students. A total of 50 suicides including 29 by male and 21 by female students were committed at Higher Secondary (upto class 12th) in 2021.

The reports over the years show that the number of suicides rose most sharply, by 7.17 percent, from 2020 to 2021, when it increased from 1,53,052 to 1,64,033. Over the the same period, student suicides witnessed an increase of 4 percent, from 12,526 to 13,089.

The country recorded 9,478 student suicides in 2016 which increased to 10,335 in 2019 and 13,089 in 2021 when it was 8% of all suicide cases. The total number of suicide cases rose by 20 percent over the same period, from 1,31,008 in 2016 to 1,64,033 in 2021.

In fact, over the five years from 2016 to 2021, the number of student suicides in India has risen by whopping 27 percent. The major reason for suicides among the youth under 30 years was failure in examination.

The NCRB has categorised suicide data under nine profession-wise groups – students, professional or salaried persons, daily wage earner, retired persons, unemployed persons, self-employed persons, house wife, persons engaged in farming sector and other persons.

The maximum number of suicide cases in 2021 were recorded among the daily wage earners, 42,004 or 25.6 percent of the total. Out of the 13,089 students who died by suicide last year, 7,396 were male and 5,693 were female. Of the students who killed themselves, 14.0 percent were in Maharashtra (1,834) followed by 10.0 percent in Madhya Pradesh (1,308), 9.5 percent in Tamil Nadu (1,246) and 6.5 percent in Karnataka (855), shows the NCRB Report 2021 state-wise data.