Movie Review | Why Cheat India

Why Cheat India exposes corruption in education system, while the story explores the pressure on the youth to be engineers, doctors and more and how that adds on to exam mafia and to the nexus that misuses and exploits bright students.

STAR CAST: Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Snighadeep Chatterjee


What’s Good: The story is an excellent plot that is relate able and relevant. Performances given by the star cast is exceptional.

What’s Bad: Poor execution with inclusion of personal angle stories of characters that takes the plot to an unclear direction and does not add any depth to the subject.

GJ Verdict | Watch or Not: Average Watch! You can go and see the movie if you have nothing else to kill the time this Sunday.

Based on the education scenario in India, Why Cheat India presents different facets of the education system of the country wherein the parents and the students fall prey to the cheating done by the exam mafia in securing secure a seat in their desired college. Rakesh Singh (Emraan) lures bright students to the world of crime and convinces them to write papers on behalf of weak students and other activities that highlight the loopholes in our education system. Director Soumik Sen’s attempt in projecting the mind-set of Indian parents reconfirms the pressure on the youth to be engineers, doctors and more and how this scenario is more prevalent in small cities than in urban cities. The director has surely succeeded in touching the highlights on the unethical practices prevalent in the system; however Soumik Sen failed to give the narrative the kind of edge and finesse to the script that it deserves.

The actors including Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhanwantary and Snigdhadeep Chatterjee are perfectly cast in the roles of naïve characters. The story and concept of Why Cheat India holds a lot of merit, but the execution of the same is not as smooth as it should have been. The movie is an average but still manages to give you some thought provoking angles.