Modi Urges This Generation To Take Time Off For Self-Introspection


In the interview , Modi elucidates on the virtues of meditation and the positive effect it can bestow in one’s life.

“We all took turns to clean the RSS office, prepare tea and food for colleagues and clean utensils,” he said.  I decided to take out some time every year and introspect. It was my way of maintaining a balanced life.”

Modi believes that it is quite important for people to take the time off for self-introspection. It could change ones perception unto life like it did his. He urged the youngsters to go on a journey of self-discovery. The time off from his busy schedule gave him the strength to face the adversities head-on. He believes it’s detrimental to spend time knowing yourself in this “fast-paced life” so you would be well-equipped to “handle life and it’s various experiences.”