Mask-men rob businessman’s family on gunpoint; made hostage for over five hours


A major dacoity has taken place in Gandhi Nagar locality of Jammu wherein, according to complainant family, about a dozen masked gunmen barged into their house in Gandhi Nagar and made them hostage for about five hours, before decamping with lakhs of rupees.

Initially, crores of rupees were demanded from them but later they fled away with Rs 15 lakh from the house, the complainant family informed the police.

The incident panicked the city as the incident took place in the posh area of the city and was reported on social media. Apart from this, there is J&K Police Lines nearby, but in spite of all this, such a big robbery has taken place showing a major security lapse.

CCTVs are being scanned after this incident. All efforts are being made by the police to find out any clue.

According to the complaint, Rakesh Aggarwal, a businessman, where he was taking a walk inside his house at around 7:00AM, about a dozen gunmen entered into his house and took him inside the house at gun point. At that time Rakesh Aggarwal’s wife Madhu Aggarwal, son Sahib Aggarwal, and daughter-in-law were also at home. Their mobile phones were also snatched by the mask men.

After that Rs 2 Crore were demanded from them but family members told them that they do not have that much money, the complaints stated.

The accused who came to commit the robbery searched the entire house for over five hours and got about six to seven lakh rupees in cash. After that, at 12:20 PM, they ran away from the house after locking all the family members inside.

After they escaped, the information was given to the police which rushed to the spot and immediately all the Nakas the city were strengthened. FIR has been registered and we are working on some leads, said SSP Jammu Chandan Kohli.