Manoj Sinha inaugurates ICCC under Srinagar Smart City project

Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Thursday inaugurated two projects, the Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC) under the Srinagar Smart City initiative and Srinagar Municipal Corporation’s Storm Water Drainage Scheme at Shalteng.
Terming ICCC as the Nerve Centre for all Smart City IT interventions, the Lt Governor said the Centre will act as a situation room of the city, integrating civic operations and creating opportunities for data-driven decision making.
The new facility will provide a single platform aimed at monitoring and addressing public issues on a real-time basis, he added.
The Lt Governor said, Srinagar Smart City aims to secure and increase livability, sustainability, efficiency for all citizens.
The holistic approach in functioning of Srinagar Smart City will help in achieving five long term goals-smart mobility, smart economy, smart environment, smart living and smart governance.
Ground-breaking technological interventions are bringing efficiency in urban governance and strengthening the response capability of various stakeholders. Srinagar is embracing modern technical tools for sustainable and integrated urban living, the Lt Governor said.
Real time data will ensure effective management of services like water, electricity, mobility, education, healthcare, environment, and security, he added.
All stakeholders are working in tandem to make Srinagar city a best example in the smart city movement in the country. With a wide range of smart solutions and infrastructure, we hope to enhance resource efficiency and seamless citizen services, the Lt Governor further added.
The Lt Governor emphasized on continuous evaluation of the functioning of the Integrated Command & Control Centre for analyzing the impact of civic services, effectiveness of Plan-B; Emergency Response Mechanism; developing Policy framework as per the needs of the people, and public feedback.
The Lt Governor also advised the Srinagar Smart City functionaries for replacement of overhead cables providing electrical power with underground cables and adopting a convergence model to develop such institutionalized mechanisms which will lay a strong foundation for extension of better civic amenities in the years to come.