Shivani Gupta

Makeup artist, much like painters and other traditional artists, create lines using dark and light colors and blending. Creating stopping points for eyes and definitions. using con- touring of face lips and eyes- Many people use the Phrase , ” she is painting her face” which is almost true because using makeup as a form of art is similar to painting …
For me personally “afinity for colour is my passion” …
Few tips for makeup

 Moisturizing ….. To achieve a smooth. supple skin you need to moisturize your skin according to your skin type .leave it for few minutes to absorb.

 Primer _ helps to prepare your skin for foundation to last longer. It.. also conceals any flaws & min- imising pores.

 Concealer- use it cover blemishes on your skin. Dab .it with your fin- ger tips. This should be a shade lighter than your skin tone-

 Foundation – This should be matching your skin tone . Apply in small patches our chin , check & forehead blend and cover on your entire face .

 Highlighter and bronzer – This makes your face more sculpted and defined. highlighter is enhanc- ing your features should be lighter than skin tone & bronzer is darker to skin tone.

 Blush – to give your face a pleas- ant glow. Apply on checks by smiling and go towards the hair- line.

 Eyebrows – Define them using darker color than your hair – eye- brow shape is very important to define your look.

 Shadow liner & mascara – defin- ing eyes with shadow and liner according to the you are dressing up for different shapes of eyeliner can create wonderful looks . use mascara to coat and seprate eashe giving them thick and healthy look.

 Lipstick liner and gloss- This is most flexible part of you look- Based on you mood outfit you can make them softer Or vibrant. Glam up you look a bit more weather to subside wrinkles , opt for a mattifying look or minimizing the appearance of pores. – Apart from methods of makeup mood, occasion and age also matters. Makeup for teens would be more of creating eyeliners defining eyes accentuating with mascara and a nude lipgloss . For a mature skin highlight- ing and contouring with me making their face more chizzled.
Some people are passionate. about clothing some are passionate about makeup. If also help to elivate your mood. and also expresses the inner you. Beauty fans would definately know & relate to this. Enhance what you have. and rerecognise what col- ors compliment your hair eyes and skin colors. Enjoy your Brushes and Palettes.

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