Justice Wasim Sadiq Nargal inspects courts at Doda and Bhaderwah

DODA : Justice Wasim Sadiq Nargal, Judge High Court of J & K and Ladakh and Administrative Judge for District Doda – inspected the courts of district Doda and distributed aid equip- ments like wheelchairs, crutches and hearing aids among specially abled per- sons of vulnerable and marginalized section of society.
The aid was provided to the benefi- ciaries in collaboration with the District Social Welfare Department Doda.
Justice Nargal also planted medici- nal/ornamental plants in the premises of district court complex Doda and pre- sented 25 lakh cheques to eight claimants of accidental claim.
Interacting with Judicial Officers of the district, Justice Nargal highlighted the role of District level Judiciary. “Since District judiciary is the first point of interface with public/ litigants, therefore its conduct and the efficiency is the reflection of efficacy of the insti- tution as a whole in the estimation of general public”, he said, adding, “Not only the issuance of timely orders to the litigants is needed, but they also need to be heard, not mechanically, but compre- hensively.”
Justice Nargal also counselled the
judges to be respectful, patient, digni- fied and courteous with all those with whom they come across in the course of official work. He underlined the impor- tance of indomitable courage to be shown by Judiciary by following due process of law so that faith of people in the supremacy of law is neither dented nor eroded. He also laid stress on use of technology by judicial officers in the course of performance of judicial func- tion as far as possible.
Echoing the words of Chief Justice of India, Justice Dhananjaya Y.
Chandrachud on use of technology, Justice Nargal said “We need to adapt to technology because technology is here to stay and it must be used for transfor- mation and not automation.”
Justice Nargal also interacted with members of Bar at Doda and Bhaderwah. Interacting with members of bar associations, both at Doda and Bhaderwah, Justice Nargal underscored the need of cordial relationship between the bench and Bar and said “Bench and Bar are two sides of same coin and whichever way you flip it, the fact remains that we must not allow avarices, aberrations etc of any kind to creep into that relationship whatever the motive or incentive for their voices might be.” He expressed happiness to note that “both bar associations have no complaints whatsoever against any pre- siding officer in the district and this in turn is a good omen for smooth func- tioning of the institution”.