Justice For Abrol, Wife Questions The System With Emotional Burst


Garima Abrol, wife of deceased Squadron Leader Samir Abrol, seek justice for her husband by questioning the government on behalf of every wife who has lost her husband to the service of the Nation.

“How many more of these pilots have to give up their life to shake you up and make you realize there is something really wrong in the system?” Garima asked in her post while lamenting her loss.

In her Facebook post, uploaded on Sunday, Garima pledged to continue to fight against the problems in the system while soldiers continues to lose their lives in the country. She wrote, “I am Garima Abrol…..I am the wife of Martyr Squadron Leader Samir Abrol….whose tears are still not dry…It still hasn’t sunk in that you are gone. No one has the answer to my questions. Why YOU ?”

Remembering her husband as a “proud Indian”, Garima said that he used to love sending her husband “off to serve the nation with a morning cup of tea and a head held high.” She added, “Such is the job of a soldier…it does not bring you fame…no one cries when you leave but the family…It does not make you a celebrity…the media covers it for a day and drops it just like they have done for the pilots who have met the same untimely fate before Samir…Then everyone forgets about it.”