J&K Sportsbodies Put Lives Of Budding Sportspersons In Jeopardy, Seek No Health Certificate


It sounds astonishing but true that the sports bodies affiliated with the Jammu and Kashmir State Sports Council never seek ‘health certificate’ from the new entrants registering themselves in various sports.

As per sources, health certificate of a fresh aspirant registering for any sport or game, is a mandatory requirement to be submitted with the concerned sports associations/bodies as a precautionary measure.

“Submission of health profile of a player especially the children joining the sports or games is mandatory as per the norms laid down by the Union Sports Ministry because it helps the trainer or the coach to know about the physical fitness of a trainee,” sources said.

“Only after depending upon the physical fitness or health profile of a trainee, the respective coaches, can limit his/her workout or physical activity during the training session,” sources said and added that very surprisingly, no such document or certificate was ever sought by the sports associations affiliated with the State Sports Council.

“As per norms, a health certificate must also be filled up by the fresher with the registration form containing details of his physical fitness, which helps his/her mentor to know about their tendency of performing and training during the session,” an official of a sports body said.

He said that every sport was having a different level of workout and physical training courses and sometimes it was not possible for every person to perform equally in all the fields, adding, “the basic information about blood sugar level, allergy, blood pressure, asthma, vision, hearing, bone density report, strength, cardio-vascular report or any chronic disease, must be mentioned in the health profile form before making a start into any discipline.”

The official further added that the State Sports Council should take an initiative and set this exercise into motion of seeking health profile document certified by a senior doctor/expert or a medical practitioner, adding, “the children joining new disciplines in sports must be entertained as per their physical intensity.”

“For example, a fresher having a deficiency of calcium will be more prone to fractures, those having breathing problems or nausea will not be fit for athletics,” said an official suggesting that new recruits must be registered in the games or sports only, which suits them depending upon their health fitness.