In J&K UT, number of civil works pending in Govt Secondary and Higher Secondary schools


JAMMU : A number of civil works in government schools at both Secondary and Higher Secondary level are pending under the flagship scheme Samagra Shiksha. In the Project Approval Board (PAB) meeting which was held a few months back for considering the Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWP&B) under the Chairpersonship of Secretary, School Education and Literacy.

It came to the fore in the meeting that of total approved construction of 614 government schools from 2009-10 upto 2020-21 at Secondary level, construction of 378 schools was completed while 182 were in progress. Construction of 54 schools is yet to start.

Similarly, out of approved construction of 335 additional classrooms from 2011-12 upto 2020-21, only 162 were completed whereas construction of 95 additional classrooms was in progress. Construction work of 78 additional classrooms was yet to be started.

With so much thrust given on construction of Science labs to be provided with latest experiment equipment, the ground reality is entirely different. Leave aside providing equipment, construction work of 296 Science laboratories in government schools is yet to start.

A total of 664 labs were approved from 2011-12 upto 2020-21 of which only 122 were completed while work on 246 labs was in progress. As far as construction of approved Computer Rooms is concerned, of total approved 503 rooms from 2011-12 upto 2020-21, construction of 185 rooms was yet to start. Total 150 Computer Rooms have been constructed whereas work on 168 was in progress.

Construction of libraries was also going at a snail pace. Of total 696 approved libraries from 2011-12 upto 2020-21 in government secondary schools, only 148 were completed while work on 253 was in progress. Construction of as many as 295 libraries is yet to start.

Of total approved construction of 1168 art and craft rooms from 2011-12 upto 2020-21, only 168 were completed in government schools whereas construction of 529 rooms was yet to start. Construction of 471 art and craft rooms was in progress.

At Higher Secondary Level, of the total sanctioned 12 schools from 2018-19 to 2019-20, construction of not even a single school has been started yet. Of the total approved 24 additional classrooms, construction of all is yet to start. Same is the case with Chemistry Lab and Biology Lab respectively.