An old adage i.e. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ quite aptly stands proved in case of Pakistan which is presently in dire straits with all its systems shattered as a result of its own misdeeds and misadventures especial- ly in terms of nurturing and promoting terrorism and export- ing it to other parts of the globe especially using it against India. Continuing this tirade for decades by begging aids from nations having soft corner for it besides those having malafide intentions against India, the rulers in Pakistan con- tinue to make hay filling their personal coffers in the name of so called Jihad. The result is that the country that came into existence of the two nation theory on the basis of religion now tastes the flavour of terrorism within its own territories including the recent suicide bombing in high security area of Peshawar near a mosque killing more than fifty innocent people. Not only this the economy of Pakistan stands total- ly shattered and it would not be wrong to say that as of today it is a bankrupt nation. It has reached a stage of being known across the globe as a failed state. The reason behind this uproar is the severity of the problems the country faces on account of its own misdeeds especially that of pursuing the worst inhuman agenda of terrorism. The tale of its woes does not end here, as of today besides facing the problem of terrorism the people there are witnessing the worst era of power shortages, gas shortages, shooting inflation rates, non availability of basic items for people such as food, hous- ing, clothes, rising rates of unemployment and last but not the least the worsening of the balance of payment position.
During the past few years the problems of people in Pakistan have multiplied with the rising level of security con- cerns having paced up its economic plunge into an inevitable collapse. Thus the economic and political instabil- ity in the country has resulted in fall of foreign investments with people from other parts of world not feeling safe in Pakistan. As its immediate effect the skilled labour from Pakistan prefers migrating to other developed nations because they do not want to risk their time and resources in a rogue nation amidst uncertain economy. Foreign investors do not feel comfortable in investing in Pakistan’s economy because the returns are not enough to match their risks in investing in a weak economy State. Above all they feel that their lives are not safe with terrorist groups operating across the country at their free will. It is really an irony that Pakistan being a developing country has a semi industrialized econ- omy mainly comprising of textiles, chemicals, food process- ing, the agricultural sector and various other industries and despite its economy being the 27th largest growing econo- my in the world has suffered drastically due to political insta- bility, rising population growth rate and last but not the least due to its unabated belligerent stance against India which has proved to be costly for it. Unfortunately, the rulers of Pakistan are yet again with a begging bowl seeking bail out of the crisis from some nations as well as international finan- cial agencies like the IMF without realizing that every bailout of this country is destined to fail again and again until those governing this rogue state do not change the system run- ning there with prime focus on promoting terrorism to fill in the coffers of vested interests especially its army and ISI besides their few puppet politicians. It is better that they realize that the priority of governance is the welfare of the common people there and not belligerency against neigh- bours. They need to accept their follies and mend their ways at the earliest failing which Pakistan and its people will con- tinue to be in dire straits in all times to come.