As the World Day for International Justice was observed the other day it is time to reiterate the resolve to make the International Criminal Court (ICC) a proactive global body to effectively deal with the crimes evolving in the present day era of digital technology. With the world having been reduced to a global village the criminal mafia has the world wide connections thus making it difficult for the law enforcers to zero in on the criminals taking refuge in other nations especially if that nation is inimical to the country seeking action against the culprits.  It is pertinent to mention here that the International Criminal Court (ICC) observes the Day of International Criminal Justice on 17 July each year. This significant date commemorates the adoption of the ‘Rome Statute’ on 17th July 1998, which established the ICC. This Court analyzes and charges individuals with the most serious international crimes in extraordinary situations where despite the well established Criminal Courts of the concerned nation it is not possible to bring the culprits to justice on account of various complicacies resulting out of today’s complex world order. The court’s primary mission is to safeguard individuals against atrocities like genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crimes of aggression. On this day, people worldwide come together to stand for justice, advocate for the rights of victims, and collaborate in preventing crimes that jeopardize global peace, security, and prosperity. In discharging its duties the IIC being the world’s first Permanent International Criminal Court is governed by the international treaty namely the ‘Rome Statute’.  Various events are held worldwide to commemorate not only ‘World Day For International Justice’ but also to promote the International Criminal Court (ICC). Numerous news channels, magazines, radio stations and social media also promote this day. The governments and several organizations including NGOs urge people to look into serious concerns like violence against women, massacres, racial victimizations etc. This day in fact is an excellent opportunity to one and all especially the law scholars right from students to lawyers and social activists to take a pledge for working relentlessly to increase public awareness about the ICC, its mandate, and the significance of justice in the fight against impunity for serious international crimes. At the same time there is a need to propagate and advance human rights, the prosecution of significant international crimes and above all ensuring that the rule of law is upheld at all costs. Simultaneously the governmental and nongovernmental organizations must come to the forefront in order to support and help the victims who have endured suffering as a result of different atrocities. The aforesaid organizations need to work relentlessly to uphold the rights of such victims. The establishment of the International Criminal Court is just a beginning of the global movement to overcome the challenges faced by victims of the heinous acts. Now onus lies upon the global stakeholders to underscore the necessity of protecting the victims’ rights and ensure that their voices are heard and acknowledged. This would ultimately lead to achieve the objectives for which the International Criminal Court was established in 1998.