Imagination Shapes Reality


A wave rises from the ocean. It is not different from the ocean. A wave falls back into the ocean. Yet the action of falling too does not make a difference to the substance of the wave,which is nothing but water.

In the same way, the essential content of you and me is consciousness or the mind in its state of knowing. It is like an ocean. Every thought that sheds light on an object, form and quality is like a wave. The wave of knowing is not different from the ocean of knowledge.

The Amrita Bindu Upanishad gives yet another quality of supreme consciousness. There is nothing to stop it.

It is not possible to create it. It is not bound by anything. There is no person who can practice consciousness and obtain it.

There is no seeker of this free state of mind and there is no one who is a liberated person also, seen from this supreme place of consciousness.

This verse is rare indeed as it reiterates the truth that the self is not created and hence knows no destruction.

Seekers start out on a journey of discovery of this truth within.Through the road to the infinite, they may have many a finite understanding and milestone crossed.

Every marker on the path of this truth is yet another figment of imagination only. Imagination has no place in the supreme consciousness.

So the road to this path has no beginning and no end. At the end of realisation, one realises that they were never bound after all.

If I see a rope and imagine it is a snake and then look at it with the torchlight and realise it is a rope after all, the fear that arose of the imaginary thought of the snake was also imaginary. Imaginations have no reality whatsoever, how much ever we may try to prove it.

So when the seeker realises that he was never bound in the first place, then where is the question of doing any practice? If I dream I am in an ocean, then I extricate myself by swimming hard or looking out for a raft to take me across to the shores of safety.

On waking I realise that the ocean itself was a dream and the thought that I have to cross it, and the action and movement of actually crossing the ocean too is not real.

There is no person to seek for freedom and no freedom of mind too from the supreme point of view.

Of what use is this knowledge? All the stress to know is immediately dropped. I often experience the postponed peace. All I need to know is there no rise and fall in consciousness, no bound person trying to get liberated, no seeker after freedom and no freedom too ultimately.

Contibuted by:

Brahmacharini Sharanya Chaitanya


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