 1786 – The oldest musical organization in the United States is founded as the Stoughton Musical Society.

 1916 – Jeannette Rankin is the first woman elected to the United States Congress.

 1929 – In New York City, the Museum of Modern Art opens to the public.

 1949 – The first oil was taken in Oil Rocks (Neft Da?lar?), oldest offshore oil platform.

 1956 – Suez Crisis: The United Nations General Assembly adopts a resolution calling for the United Kingdom, France and Israel to immediately withdraw their troops from Egypt.

 1989 – David Dinkins becomes the first African American to be elected Mayor of New York City.

 1990 – Mary Robinson becomes the first woman to be elected President of the Republic of Ireland.

 1994 – WXYC, the student radio station of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, provides the world’s first internet radio broadcast.

 1996 – NASA launches the Mars Global Surveyor.

 2017 – Shamshad TV is attacked by armed gunmen and suicide bombers. A security guard was killed and 20 people were wounded. ISIS claims responsibility for the attack.