AD 60 – The earliest date for which the day of the week is known.A graffito in Pompeii identifies this day as a dies Solis (Sunday).In modern reckoning, this date would have been a Wednesday.

 1819 – Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles finds Singapore.

 1900 – The Permanent Court of Arbitration, an international arbi- tration court at The Hague, is created when the Senate of the Netherlands ratifies an 1899 peace conference decree.

 1918 – British women over the age of 30 who meet minimum property qualifications, get the right to vote when Representation of the People Act 1918 is passed by Parliament.

 1952 – Elizabeth II becomes Queen of the United Kingdom and her other Realms and Territories and Head of the Commonwealth upon the death of her father, George VI. At the exact moment of succession, she was in a tree house at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya.

 1959 – Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments files the first patent for an integrated circuit.

 1959 – At Cape Canaveral, Florida, the first successful test fir- ing of a Titan intercontinental ballistic missile is accomplished.

 1987 – Justice Mary Gaudron becomes the first woman to be appointed to the High Court of Australia.

 1989 – The Round Table Talks start in Poland, thus marking the beginning of the overthrow of communism in Eastern Europe.

 1998 – Washington National Airport is renamed Ronald Reagan National Airport.