 1503- Queen Isabella of Spain bans violence against Indians.

 2013- 44 people are killed after a bus catches fire in Mahbubnagar, India.

 2019- Kashmir officially loses their autonomous sta- tus, their flag and their constitution, as India brings it under federal control.

 1918 – World War I: The Ottoman Empire signs the Armistice of Mudros with the Allies.

 1920 – The Communist Party of Australia is founded in Sydney.

 1938 – Orson Welles broadcasts a radio adaptation of H. G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds, causing a mas- sive panic in some of the audience in the United States.

 1941 – President Roosevelt approves $1 billion in Lend-Lease aid to the Allied nations.

 2014 – Sweden is the first European Union member state to officially recognize the State of Palestine.

 2015 – Sixty-four people are killed and more than 147 injuries after a fire in a nightclub in the Romanian capital Bucharest.[6]

 2020 – A magnitude 7.0 earthquake strikes the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey, triggering a tsunami. At least 119 people die mainly due to col- lapsed buildings.