 1863 – Eighteen countries meet in Geneva and agree to form the International Red Cross.

 1922 – King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy appoints Benito Mussolini as Prime Minister.

 1923 – Turkey becomes a republic following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

 1960 – In Louisville, Kentucky, Cassius Clay (who later takes the name Muhammad Ali) wins his first professional fight.

 1969 – The first-ever computer-to-computer link is estab- lished on ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet.

 1972 – The three surviving perpetrators of the Munich mas- sacre are released from prison in exchange for the hostages of hijacked Lufthansa Flight 615.

 1986 – British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher opens the last stretch of the M25 motorway.

 1994 – Francisco Martin Duran fires over two dozen shots at the White House; he is later convicted of trying to kill US President Bill Clinton.

 1999 – A large cyclone devastates Odisha, India.

 2005 – Bombings in Delhi, India kill more than 60.

 2015 – China announces the end of One-child policy after 35 years.

 2018 – A Boeing 737 MAX plane crashes after taking off from Jakarta, Indonesia killing 189 people on board.

 2020 – Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party and of the Opposition in the United Kingdom is suspended from the Labour Party following his response to findings from the EHRC on the issue of antisemitism within the party.