 1957 – United Nations Security Council Resolution 126 relating to Kashmir conflict is adopted.

 1970 – The United States Environmental Protection Agency begins operations.

 1971 – Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, and Umm al-Quwain form the United Arab Emirates.

 1976 – Fidel Castro becomes President of Cuba, replacing Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado.

 1982 – At the University of Utah, Barney Clark becomes the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart.

 1988 – Benazir Bhutto is sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan, becoming the first woman to head the government of an Islam-dominated state.

 1991 – Canada and Poland become the first nations to recog- nize the independence of Ukraine from the Soviet Union.

 1993 – Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar is shot and killed in Medellín.

 1999 – The United Kingdom devolves political power in Northern Ireland to the Northern Ireland Executive following the Good Friday Agreement.

 2016 – Thirty-six people die in a fire at a converted Oakland, California, warehouse serving as an artist collective.

 2020 – Cannabis is removed from the list of most dangerous drugs of the international drug control treaty by the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs