 1913 – The Buenos Aires Metro, the first underground railway system in the Southern Hemisphere and in Latin America, begins operation.

 1952 – The New York Daily News reports the news of Christine Jorgensen, the first notable case of sex reassignment surgery.

 1959 – Cold War: Opening date for signature of the Antarctic Treaty, which sets aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve and bans military activity on the continent.

 1973 – Papua New Guinea gains self-governance from Australia.

 1980 – Ecatepec, State of Mexico, Mexico, becomes a city.[3]

 1984 – NASA conducts the Controlled Impact Demonstration, wherein an airliner is deliberately crashed in order to test tech- nologies and gather data to help improve survivability of crash- es.

 1988 – World AIDS Day was proclaimed worldwide by the UN member states.

 1990 – Channel Tunnel sections started from the United Kingdom and France meet 40 metres beneath the seabed.

 1991 – Cold War: Ukrainian voters overwhelmingly approve a referendum for independence from the Soviet Union.

 1997 – In the Indian state of Bihar, Ranvir Sena attacked the CPI (ML) Party Unity stronghold Lakshmanpur-Bathe, killing 63 lower caste people.
 2019 – First known case of COVID-19 appears.