Historical Connect: No evidence of Taj Mahal having been made by Shahjehan


Book which Britishers missed showing Mumtaz being brought from burhan pur and tajmahal is already at background in 1632. Badsah Nama word
by word translation of page 402 – 403 which just tell little bit out of 1600 pages.
Further biggest mistake british did was mosque inside the complex faces west instead of city of Macca which is 14 degrees 55 minutes south west of Agra the total expenditure on Taj Mahal as per Mulla Hamid Lahori Badsahnama says 40 lakhs, which is total of salaries of 1000 labourers and experts who were appointed to distort and add fake conopies.
As per Persian manu- script kept at library in Calcutta gives details of salaries of 2 pinnacle experts, 4 calligraphy experts, 4 inlay workers, 5
flower carvers, and 6 mas- ter masons who were kept to distort Taj Mahal after taken from Maharaja Jai Singh of Jaipur. Fray Sebastion Manrique
(Portugal) who in 1640 said – on this building 1000 men were enagaged as overseers, officials and workers. They were laying gardens, shady groves and ornamental avenues whose architect was Venetian called Geronimo Veroneo. So assuming 1000 workers and experts worked for 10 year the 40 lakhs spent on Tajmahal matches just the salary bill and not the building. (Persian manuscript at national library Calcutta) as per E.B. Havell – page 31-33 tells the salary. – per
month. 1-Ustad Isa (Agra /Siraj) 1000/-rupees per month. 2-Muhammad Sharif (Samarkand) pinna- cle expert, 500/pm.3- Ismail Rumi(Rum) dome expert, 500/pm. 4-Kasim khan, (Lahore)pinnacle expert, 295/month. 5- Muhammad Hanif(K and- har), master mason, 1000/-pm. Muhammed Sayyid(Multan) master mason, 590/-,abu torah, master mason, 500/-pm.
And 3 others each draw- ing 500/-.Amanat Khan Shirazi – calligraphy expert, 1000/-rupees pm.
Qadar Zaman – 800/- pm.and other calligraphy experts Muhammad Khan (Bagdad), and Raushan Khan (Syria) each getting 500/-pm. Chranji Lal (Kanauj) inlay worker 800/-pm. Choti Lal, Mannu Lal, Manuhar Singh (Kanauj) 380/- ,380/-,200/-pm. Ata Mohammed (Bukhara) flower carver formed core group whose salary bill alone was excess of 1 lakhs per year. And 1000 workers and others at 1-4 rupees per months for 10 years add up to figure of 40 lakh in badsah nama as fake story of 20000 workers salary alone would have crossed crores. Peter mundy says – king is building a”sepulchre” and building is begun.
He states that taj mahal was already center of tourist attraction along with akbar tomb and fort. Name of callig- rapher amanat khan shirazi work ends with 12’th year of his majesty reign (1639ad).before fraud tavernier 1’st visit to agra in 1640.? Further aurangzeb complains in his let- ters of leaking of water in new building? Just few years later? Badsah nama is now available online. And u dont have nagara khana and cow shed or gau shala inside com- plex for what? Except a temple complex where drums r played in prayers