Harsh Dev alleges mismatch between Govt slogans, physical delivery


Peeved over the failure of Govt to meet the power and drinking water requirements of the people of Chenani constituency besides their neglect by the administration over a host of other issues, former Minister and senior AAP leader Harsh Dev Singh said that the present dispensation had left the people of various rural and remote areas at the mercy of God with none to even listen to their tales of woes and sufferings.

While addressing several public meetings during his tour of Bashat in Chenani and Kuh Nalah in Udhampur East constituency, he said that the Govt was indulging in self praise and incessant chest thumping over its much proclaimed development initiatives whereas the ground situation was altogether different revealing a complete mismatch between slogans and the physical delivery.

“With the majority of the rural schools facing chronic staff deficiency, the Govt has failed to act so as to save the careers of students and moreover it has imposed a ten year ban on recruitment of teachers thereby suggesting that worse is yet to happen with rural education already suffering for the dearth of teaching staff,” said the AAP leader.

Harsh Dev lambasted the Govt for accusing the general masses for power crisis in the name of power theft and said that the UT administration can’t absolve itself from the responsibility of ensuring un-interrupted supply of basic amenities merely by deflecting the blame upon the public at large.

“And it’s not the common man who is involved in power theft, mind you. It’s the big, moneyed, powerful and influential people who are using more power by abusing their position and authority and even failing to pay the power tariff. And it’s the unholy nexus between unscrupulous officers and corrupt politicians who are involved in theft of power, water and other resources needed by the society,” he asserted.