Good Governance Initiative

Govt takes serious view of delay, issues directives for speedy disposal of files in Civil Secretariat, other departments

Unnecessary referral of routine files to be avoided,  to be submitted to deciding authority for final decision only


JAMMU, MAR 11: Observing that various departments and HOD Offices are not adhering to the instructions resulting into unnecessary delay in disposal of files, the Union Territory government of Jammu and Kashmir, in its good governance initiative, issued directives for efficiency and speedy disposal of files in Civil Secretariat and other Government offices.

Keeping pace with its commitment of extending good governance to people of Jammu and Kashmir, the Lieutenant Governor’s administration has institutionalised a slew of good governance initiatives in the Union Territory. According to official sources, Secretaries in the Department/Special Secretaries/Additional Secretaries shall ensure that unnecessary referral of routine files such as forwarding of representations, proposals for compiling of information from departments and within sections, approval of routine drafts and office orders etc to the Administrative Secretary is avoided. Files which are complete in all respects and require final approval shall be submitted to the Administrative Secretary for decision. Files shall be submitted to the deciding authority i.e. Administrative Secretary/Minister-in-charge for final decision only.

As per Circular No.08-JK(GAD) of 2023 issued by General Administration Department today, these instructions, interalia, prescribe procedure/guidelines regarding file noting, appropriate levels in the hierarchy and time-limits for disposal as well.

Instructions have been issued vide Circular No. 35-GAD of 2006 dated 07.12.2006, followed by Circular No. 39-GAD of 2019 dated 08.07.2019, for efficient and speedy disposal of files and transaction of Government business in the Civil Secretariat and other Government offices, it reads.

“It has been observed that various departments and HOD Offices are not adhering to these instructions, a matter which has been viewed with concern by the authorities,” the circular reads.

In view of the above, the instructions governing file notings/levels of approval for appropriate/immediate disposal are reiterated.

File noting is the fundamental daily function performed in offices, and it shall be endeavoured by all officers/officials that these notings invariably contain brief history/summary of the case; Statement of the case and all relevant facts and figures required for generating discourse on the subject; Governing Law/rule positions which facilitates appropriate and correct decision making; Details of inter-departmental consultations/advice of other Departments, if sought; Proper referencing/highlighting to enable identifying a document, a decision and facts mentioned in a note, draft or office copy of the communication issued, and Implications of various available options and suggested courses of action with reasons or the ‘Approval Paragraph’.

Noting on files shall be initiated as per the Manual of Secretariat Procedure. A simple and direct style of writing shall be adopted and use of complicated and ambiguous language shall be avoided. The verbatim reproduction of extracts from or paraphrasing of a letter or any other part of correspondence or notes on the same file and repetition of points already made/grounds already covered shall be avoided.

Submission of files shall be according to the levels of hierarchy laid down by the Department/Section, which, in turn shall be defined in terms of Circular No. 35-GAD of 2006 dated 07.12.2006 and Circular No. 39-GAD of 2019 dated 08.07.2019.

No part file on any subject shall be created unless required in unavoidable circumstances, for which the reasons should be recorded in the first para while initiating such part file. The said part file shall be immediately attached with the main file after the needful is done.

All officers shall endeavour to record their observations for firming up a point of view on important matters which require placement before the higher authorities. Officers shall avoid forwarding/submitting blank notes as far as possible. These instructions shall be subject to statutory stipulations, if any.

The circular has been issued by Commissioner/Secretary GAD, Sanjeev Verma.