Frustrated Pak shifts strategy, journalists being issued life threats by terror organizations for fair reporting


JAMMU : Frustrated by return of peace and normalcy in the traumatized J&K India’s rogue neighbour has brought a strategic shift in its policy to revive terror- ism in this Union Territory.
Under the new strategy the terror lords from across the border under full patronage and support of ISI and Pak Army the journalists are being issued threat letters for doing just and fair reporting following the media ethics in letter and spirit.
The threat letters issued by the self styled terror organizations claiming to be fighting for so called lib- eration of Kashmir from India accuse the journalists working in Kashmir sabo- taging the liberation move- ment. Faced with serious life threats through letters, phones and other communi- cations a number of jour- nalists have resigned from their jobs in the local media in the past two days under fear and fret of becoming target of the terrorists still operating in the Valley.
The situation as of today in view of the aforemen tioned threats to journalists has in fact the potential of silencing the beleaguered media in Kashmir due to the so called arm of terror- ists putting out a list of over a dozen journalists, accus- ing them of being informers of security forces. Though police has said that The Resistance Front (TRF), which is an offshoot of
Lashkar-e-Taiba, is behind the threats and that FIR under UAPA has been reg- istered and investigations launched, yet the situation demands an alert of the highest level in confronting the evolving situation.
Three reporters have published resignations on their social media pages to avoid any trouble, as terror- ists threatened to target anyone working for three media houses in Srinagar whom they accuse of prop- agating the army narrative.
Consequently many journalists have resigned and many more told Greater Jammu on the condition of anonymity that they are also intending to tender their resignations as they don’t want to be reason for endanger their family mem- bers.
On going through the content available through various sources the inten- tion of the terrorists and anti-national elements involved in this unholy game plan is crystal clear.
They just are making dying efforts to reinvigorate ter- rorism in J&K by putting the life of people, especial- ly media persons in danger and issuing direct threat to their lives. The reason is clearly utter frustration due to tremendous success of the Indian Govt in restoring peace in the valley that has bled for the past over three decades.
It is pertinent to mention here that in connection with the issuing life threats to journalists more than a dozen suspects have been rounded up by the police and are being interrogated for their alleged links with TRF and terror lords across the border. These journalists expressed remorse over the fact that there are no voices to speak on the issue of target- ing of journalists especially in the absence of Journalist associations or Press Club in Kashmir today.
While the nation celebrates National Press Day today, it has in fact been a day of torment for the journalists of Jammu and Kashmir.