Father arrested for killing minor daughter in Kupwara

Srinagar,  Jammu and Kashmir police has arrested a man for allegedly killing his eight year old daughter in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district last week.

Senior Superintendent of Police Kupwara, Yougal Manhas said on March 29, a minor girl from Lalpora Kupwara was found dead, with her throat slit, in a wooden shed owned by her family, near to their house.

“Prime facie it looked like the girl was murdered by slitting the throat with a knife. However, after the postmortem was carried out, the medical opinion suggested that she was killed by strangulation,” SSP Manhas said.

He said during the investigation the family surfaced as a prime suspect.

“The father of the girl was picked up and during sustained questioning he admitted killing his daughter after which he was arrested,” SSP said.

Police said the accused, a driver by profession, was having a strained relationship with his wife from the last one year and on March 29, he had an heated argument with his wife after which he left for work.

“ After he got into a heated argument with his wife, he went to the kitchen in anger and took a knife and left the house saying that he has to fix a punctured tyre of his vehicle. Actually he was intending to kill himself. Meanwhile, his minor daughter followed him and asked for Rs 5 to buy something for herself from her shop. There were many witnesses that saw the girl left with her father,” SSP said.

The accused, police said, took the daughter in his vehicle, and out of mental anguish due to domestic issues with his wife, he strangled the girl.

“With the body of the girl, he drove back to place and kept the body in the shed. He then slit her throat so that others could be blamed for the murder. He left the shed and kept the vehicle, and parked it at its usual location,” police said.

The accused later along-with few other persons reached Police Post Khurhama in his vehicle to lodge a missing report.