Dedication, Self Confidence and family support key to success: Gareema Singh Parihar


JAMMU : Dedication, Self Confidence and family support are the key to her success, said Gareema Singh Parihar who recently won the crown title of ‘Roop Miss India 2022’ at Jhansi Uttar Pradesh.


It is a matter of pride for Jammu Kashmir as Gareema Singh Parihar belongs to City of Temples, Jammu whereas her ancestors’ house is in Kishtwar.

In an exclusive interaction with Greater Jammu, Gareema said, “Fitness, fashion and sports are my passion and since my childhood days I have been following them devoutly and delicately.”

Describing her journey, Gareema said, “It is quite satisfactory to win a title at national level. Since my childhood I have always been dreaming to do something for my state (now UT) Jammu Kashmir and fortunately I have done justice to my dream by winning  Miss India Title 2022.”.

“At one point of time I was quite nervous in the competition because almost 70 contestants from different cities were contested the completion. It is obvious that they have more exposure than me. But my self confidence, and my sports training never give up helped me to focus on the competition and resulted of which I was crowned by Roop Miss India title.”


Gareema who is also black belt holder of ‘Karate’ said never give up is the only factor which helps to focus on the self improvement and development.

While describing the inspiration of her journey, Gareema told, “My mother is my inspiration who helps me a lot to transform my dream into reality which further helps me to gain self confidence and to do more for my nation as well as my UT Jammu Kashmir. I have also been trying to learn about the beauty contest through social media. My family, brother, relatives and school helped me a lot to achieve to keep focus on my passion, interest and aim.”

All credit goes to me, my family, brother and school, she added.


Gareema Singh Parihar is a medical student of 12th standard and is also working as a second lead actress in the upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Kaya Palat’


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